Canned Oryx (ABB87)

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In shaving circles the brush name will quickly make sense, it's a brush with a tiny Oryx horn handle that can fit in a 'can', one of those lovely vintage shaving items that pop up every now and again without a brush, these little okes are meant to fill that void, a travel brush with soul if you will. 

'Canned' also refer to the practice whereby animals are bred in confined spaces and then released into slightly larger spaces to be hunted, they are basically born to die and earn the owner money, and the hunter a boost for their ego/ 'false' bragging rights in the process. We are all for sustainable hunting, we know how important it is for the conservation of species and balanced ecosystems, but canned hunting is wicked and cruel, this is just a small contribution to make folks aware of this practice, we need to get this inhumane, greedy industry shut down for good.

The brush stands 84 mm tall, with the loft at 57 mm. It has a diameter of around 31 mm. The brush weighs 43 grams and is fitted with a 20 mm Finest two band badger knot.

The brush comes without 'the can' some of them may be available under 'Vintage shaving brushes'