Carnival time (CB250)

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This brush is all about fun and sun. The handle is made with a glitzy resin with some strands of colored ribbon to add to the spectrum. This brush does amazing things out in the bright light, so place it in a spot where the sun shines and you will experience the magic of the ride. The tiny ribbons protrudes from the handle, so it will not feel perfectly smooth and there are small lacerations and spots where they come looking for fresh air.

The knot popped out a bit on the one side when we set it, so it is not perfectly 'level'. Getting the knot out without destroying it or the handle is impossible, so we figured we'll try and find a home for it at a discount to the new owner, who does not like a bargain? needless to say, the brush still functions perfectly as it should.

This brush is fitted with a 26mm Silvertip knot, it weighs 119 grams, stands a 145 mm high with a loft of 60 mils. It is just under 44 mm on the waist and 42 mm diameter at the widest point.