Cattle horn lathering bowl/shaving soap bowl by Pearl shaving

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If you are a sucker for natural materials then this bowl might be right up your alley. In a world where waste is on the increase and resources are becoming scarce we need to re-think how to use everything responsibly. This beautiful bowl is made from cattle horn, Pearl shaving uses a part of the animal that is often discarded as waste and makes it into a bowl that will whip up some magical lathers for years, even decades to come. They are all unique, as is the nature of horn on every animal. It is nice and compact at 70 grams, 100 across and 38 high (that is millimeters for international users), a good bowl to use at home or while travelling.

It can also double up as a Sake bowl when in Japan, a kippah if you got a small head, and a freeky serving bowl used to offer your mother in law a dubious substance she can refuse the offering by saying she has to be somewhere else.

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