Cawnpore Vintage brush 1942 (VB23)

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I cab find very little on these brushes apart from the fact that it seems to originate from a company based in India, from a quality point of view they seem to be very basic, but with a new knot and resin used to stabilize the ferrule they will last for years to come, even decades. I got these from a army surplus store, so there is a good chance the SAW may have been supplied by this company in earlier time, maybe the 'larney' officers got issued with these.

Very interestingly the old knot was not glued at all, the hair was tied with string around a piece of the handle that stood out like a dowel, and the ferrule pressed over this, a really old school method!

From a collector point of view this is something very unique, they are certainly scarcer than most of the American/British made brushes.

Will it lather? Hell yes, they now have lovely 21 mm boar knots begging for soap!


It stands 112 mm high, has a 52 mm loft, a waist of 20 mm and a belly of 32 mm.  The brush weighs 39 grams.