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Getting on in life has its advantages, but one not-so-nice thing that is a fairly regular occurrence is one's eyesight that weakens. If you are someone that sharpen and polish your own razor this would be a problem, without spending a fortune you would need some strong reading glasses, a magnifying glass or one of these little gadgets to get a better idea of what you are doing. These pics were taken by a phone with a mediocre camera, so I suspect one could see better results still. It simply clips onto any phone camera, has a zoom function up to 60 x magnification and is also LED and UV light enabled, pretty nifty we think.

The pics at various magnification includes a Dovo straight razor, some skin, a fine weave on a synthetic pouch the unit comes in, small print on a sales agreement (and you know how small that is!), the 'hairy plastic box' a Rockwell razor comes in, and a Rockwell razor handle under various levels of magnification.

Well, maybe you are not going to win the annual Jimmy Neutron award for scientific discovery, but two hundred bucks is small change if it will makes your work on the stones more interesting and helps to deliver you razor to Excalibur status.