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Chamfuta, Chanfuta, Pod Mahogany, Rhodesian Mahogany... call it what you may but this is a treasure found only in Africa, more specifically the Eastern to Southern countries. It is a great wood to work with and has an excellent weight/strength ratio, the wood is often used as structural timber for homes and other structures. It has a beautiful light colour with white sapwood and works very easily when using tools. Sanding it to 320 grit sandpaper gives it a nice and smooth finish. The bowl shape is just right to work up a great lather; deep enough, wide enough with a gentle fall back into the bowl. It has a tiny foot that makes for better gripping, but not as big as others that may be frustrating to use for guys who prefer gripping the entire bowl in their hand.

The bowls are 14 cm across, and stand around 7 cm high. They weigh just over 200 grams each. All bowls will vary in appearance as is the nature with wood, some have sapwood and some not, if you want to identify the exact bowl you are after leave us a note in the space provided when checking out or send us a WhatsApp so we can send you some pics of bowls that are available.

The bowls are offered with a natural coating, or with a glossy polyurethane finish, the latter might delay your shipping a bit depending on climatic conditions, we need dry & hot conditions and around 12 hours to apply two coats. Users can touch up the polyurethane bowl with spraycans of the stuff available from most hardware stores, we have used 'Spraymate Polyurethane Top Coat for wood' in the 'Clear Gloss' option. As for natural bowls we suggest a Danish oil to be used, or a product called Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector, apply these as often as you like, or whenever the bowl asks for it, the latter two options are very simple to apply; one only applies, wait a few minutes and buff it up. 

The bowls are available in Troopy (No stripes) and Lance corporal (One stripe) on the exterior of the bowl.