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Here is a second option for an all-you-need combo to shave your stubble for an entire year, this set has an upgraded razor with our logo, a huge bar of shaving soap, a brush and 50 blades. The boar brush and razor will last you for years to come. Comes with 10 x 5-packs of assorted blades and a 250g bar of shaving soap that will allow for 6 shaves a week for a period of 1 year and longer. Check out or FAQ page to learn how to use our shaving soap and for some instructions on how to get our soap into your own container. Year two's consumables will only cost you only R 190 (blades and shaving soap) To add this option and get yourself sorted for two years of shaving for the price of 4 'high-end' razor blade cartridges, click here.

Customer Reviews

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Great start

This is a great combo to get started with. It has everything to get right into it at a good price. I received this combo a few weeks before writing the review. The different blades are great to test without having to break your head on which blades to buy. I have already realised that it is a personal choice as I don't always agree with the blade reviews on the other pages. I had done a bit of research to move away from cartridge razors after 25+ years. I was put off a bit by pricing on the recommended razors for beginners because I was unsure if this would suit me. I came across this combo and was willing to start this journey. Also exchanged a few emails with Jaco who is very responsive. Great service


Got this set to start out with wet-shaving. After growing up only experiencing cartridge razors the switch was not that difficult to make and the results I'm getting are so much better.
The razor has a nice weight to it and I can tell that it is going to last me many years.
The brush starts out rather stiff but becomes alot softer after a few shaves, I can only see it getting better as time goes on.
The assorted razor blades are a nice addition for a beginner like me to find out which blades work best for me.
An incredible shaving experience and great customer service from Jaco.