Cherry vs Berry. The customer strikes back.

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Cherry and Berry are locked into battle once again, decades of quibbeling, fighting and clashing personality traits have lead to this, the final showdown that will consist of six fragrance battles, some will be won by cherry, bringing the light, fun and fruityness, while some will be won by berry, showing his darker, more sinister side. The outcome is in your hands, your reviews will determine who goes forth to the futhest reaches of this galaxy and the next. As they would say in popular consumer culture of the 80's 'COLLECT THEM ALL' As is befitting to this type of abusive marketing, we have to reward you for dropping your cash on our products, buy the first five pay-per-view 'events' and the last battle will be yours for free!

This is our attempt at a fun way of having customers have their say in our product development process. Rate them, review them, tell us what to change, add or eliminate. Battles 3 to 6 are yet to be engaged in, 1 was won by cherry, and the second by berry, it's going to be epic...  

As set out in the summary of this collection page, sheep/lamb tallow has qualities different to that of beef tallow, it is a new avenue we have strolled into and we will continue to explore and experiment with it. For now we do not anticipate any changes to the base formulation, but there may be some cosmetic changes in terms of colour and appearance. Please do try this new product and leave detailed reviews, the more we get the better know which way to steer the ship, to us it is a great shaving soap base, but chances are it may very well be improved upon, recipes can be adjusted in millions of ways, and it is unlikely we have found the best possible base in the first few tries, with your help this one may venture into the hallowed halls of tallow titans.

Expect the following; Medium to great slickness both during the shave and residual, a heavy fragranced series of soaps in cool, that will waft beyond the perimeters of your bathroom. It lathers up in reasonable time, so don't rush this one, allow yourself some time to enjoy the sensation and see the lather build from flat soap to hyperlather in anything from 1 to 3 minutes. This soap exploded in the bowl and thickens up like mud when worked a bit, so do take your time when taking part in these battles; Strategise, plan, prepare and only then.... execute!

It can be quite a thirsty soap when properly loaded, so you may consider dripping some water on your brush after a minute or so of face lathering for a beautiful shiny, sheeny lather.

Ingredients: Mutton tallow, H20, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Stearic Acid, Castor oil, Kalahari Melon oil, Virgin cold pressed Coconut oil, right off the tree, fragrance oils and essential oils. 

It can be quite a thirsty soap when properly loaded, so you may consider dripping some water on your brush after a minute or so of face lathering for a beautiful shiny, sheeny lather.


Customer Reviews

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With great slickness comes a great shave

This is really a great soap. Really nice base with sheep tallow. It creates a creamy slick soap if you have the water to soap ratio perfect!

The scent is very fruity with a hint of musk. Scent is really subjective and based on personal preferences. Honestly I prefer the more spicy soaps but that does not take away that this soap is an excellent performer. I would recommend this soap especially if you like the more fruity type of scents.

Outstanding base!

The base is one of the best I have experienced so far. Now name 5 US artisans, it is better than all their bases.
The aroma is deep and a bit dark straight of the puck. But is cheerful and pleasant once lathered in the puck and in the face. It is cheer resinous, plum, cranberry and blue current all in one. I recommend Bundubeard mutton base to everyone in the wetshaving society. Aromas are subjective, but this base is outstanding.