Coin rings made of copper and brass (Old SA coins)

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Something interesting and cool I came across in my travels. (not sure if it was actual travels or on the www) Bryce Bekker uses coins to make rings and other jewellery in his home studio situated in magical Melkbosstrand, he uses mostly old coins that is part of our South African history. I love mine and can honestly say it is the most comfortable ring I own. I work with my hands often I need something that is flat, fits snugly, is light and does not look tacky when scratched. Even if it does get a deep scratch, it adds character to the coin ring that already has a few decades of use on it as a coin. Call this my 'work-ring' if you like. Although I liked the darker patches in the old metal mine has now turned shiny bright from continued use, the one pic in this gallery shows mine vs one that is just made and unpolished. It left some green marks around my finger initially, but this stopped after a few weeks of use. The rings come in flat form or a rounded profile. Please make sure you select the right coin ring as they don't all have the same writing/images. All rings are individually crafted and each has its own character. The symmetry, thickness, roundness and edge thicknesses will differ, if you want to make sure of the appearance of the one you will receive, drop us a Whatsapp (easier to send pics) so we can take a pic of the ones in stock before you purchase it. Currently we have 1 pence, 1/2 cent, 1 cent, 1/2 dime and 1 dime rings in various sizes in stock, let us know of your needs as we order regularly.

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