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This is such a simple concept, conditioner without the waste. Why cart about 80% non-drinkable water wherever you take your hair and dump a plastic bottle every few weeks when you can travel lighter, go further and generate no waste ? This Minty menthol (or is that mental as in mal) bar has amazing powers, not only does it make you save the earth, it also makes your hair look and feel great, attracts homo-sapiens of the opposite sex (or not if you are so inclined) and makes you look like a million dollars, all of that without you even flinching! Whaaaat?! You like your conditioner in a liquid form similar to what you use now... did we mention this bar can easily be converted to do just this, allowing you to re-use your bottle of choice over and over? Keep an eye on our blog section for more detail on how to grate the bar and mix with cold water to convert to liquid form. The bar weighs around 200 grams when poured, and will do the job of around one liter of conditioner in a bottle. One initially tends to use too much, but after a few uses you will realize how to achieve the perfect amount of cover for the condition your hair is in.

The bar has the following ingredients in it;  Cetostearylalcohol 45-55% Cetrimonium bromide 15-25% Cetylalcohol 7-12% Mineral Oil 7-9% Polyquaternium-37 1-5% Isostearic acid 1-2% lsostearoyl hydrolysed collagen 0.1 -0.5% Peppermint oil 1-2% Menthol crystals.

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