Custom straight Razor CS17

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Ever bought something that you were ecstatic to receive, only to be disappointed when it arrived? This razor did exactly the opposite! When I first saw the pics of this razors I liked it a lot but it looked fairly 'middle of the road', it even sat on my desk for a day or two before I opened it. When I eventually got to opening it in order to take some pics the retro look of it blew me away, the olive coloured G10 Micarta scales and red liner just screamed classic Chevy pick-up truck at me! This chunk of steel has been triple hardened with a single temper to give it a hardness of 61.5 RC. The grind on the blade is half hollow, and has been hand finished to a beautiful satin appearance. What a piece of kit, it makes my want to shop for a classic bakkie and caravan, go camping in the Kruger and execute slow, perfect campsite shave right after my morning drive, take me there please!

Length of blade: 70 mm
Blade width: 22.5 mm (7/8")
Material: High Carbon Steel
Handle material: G10 Micarta - Red and Green.

The blade has been "wet tested" and is shave ready, strop on leather before every shave.