Dovo straight razor 100681

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»DOVO« Solingen – a name and a place which stand for quality, design and experience. All over the world DOVO products are valued highly, and they often last a lifetime.Diligent skilled workers craft the steel masterpieces with meticulous precision and with great craftsmanship. With their specialised expertise that has been handed down over generations, they all face the challenge of exceeding the already high standards of the Solingen ordinance. These razors are very sleek and light, and does a great job of keeping your chin bundu-free. A very good choice as a go-to razor, certainly a must in our lineup of straights The Dovo 100681 is a 6/8 full hollow ground blade in black scales. The razor is shave ready and good to go after a proper stropping on cotton and leather. Enjoy your shave!