Gem Heavy duty Flat top razor (V195)

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This specific razor was made sometime in the 50's It is the older boet of the Featherlite, and have the same head profile, but this model has a brass handle where the Featherlite has the white plastic handle. It has also been nicknamed the Gem G-bar, should you wish to Google some info on it, a quick shave video review here.

There are many things that make these razors unique and a must have for any discerning shaver, one of them being the interesting shaving position of the head, it must be placed near-flat to your face and is surprisingly user-friendly, despite its bad-ass axe-like appearance! This razor has a spring loaded cap, push down on the flap on the head and it opens up, place the blade into the two notches on the safety bar and flip it closed, easy as pie. 

This razor is all brass with a chrome finish, most of them still looks spectacularly good, and will certainly go another 70 years or so and still look good on the counter in the bathroom of your condominium on Mars! The knurling on the handle is pretty good, and I like gripping the razor with three fingers with the slanted foot resting on my ring finger, it seems purposely designed in this grip. If I have to match this razor up with a hero from the 50's it will be the smooth-jawed Kenneth Tobey in 'The thing from another world' notice all the distinct jaw lines and not even a single scruffy beard in sight!

The razor weighs 60 grams and measures around 88 mm tall. it is supplied with 10 blades, and new blades will be available from us from here on out.