Gold Dollar FDW-3 shavette.

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The FDW-3 shavette is our cheapest shavette for getting your shave on. This is an extremely light razor, so if you are petite, working in a salon all day, or simply like a very light razor, you have to try this tyke out! This razor uses its own unique blades that mounts into a plastic sleeve that slides into the razor's hollow spine. The plastic sleeve is removed by pulling it out the front end of the razor, and then opened like a book. The blade is placed onto 3 round protrusions to keep it in the right position, the folder is then carefully closed and slipped back into the casing, and BANG, ready to rock and roll. Take care when slipping the loaded sleeve back into the casing, they fit quite tight and chances of cutting are most likely at this step. We have found the best way to get the sleeve back into the casing (without lubricant) is to slip the rear end of the sleeve into the casing, now put your right thumb nail on the indent/notch provided on the backside of the sleeve and gently press down into the casing while feeding the sleeve into the casing with your other thumb, removing the loaded sleeve is done by reversing this action with your right hand nail, and using the tips of your fingers to pull it out. 

The razor uses a long blade with a cutting length of 60 mm, the blade has a double edge, but is NOT snapped in half, it is used as is and turned around to utilise the other side when the first side has deteriorated. Loaded with a blade this razor weighs around 17 grams, and has a closed length of 130 mm. This razor is surprisingly comfortable, and if you are someone who likes a very light touch when shaving, this razor will have you imagine your are Mark Knopfler gently plucking on his guitar strings while enemy stubble are getting slain to the sweet sounds of 'Brothers in arms'

Blades available here.