The cross dresser elf (in high heels)

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The cross dresser elf is such a cool combo that none of it's lucky recipients would be able to resist trying out this timeless way of shaving, whether that is legs, beard or a hairy back it makes no difference! Shaving with a safety razor and brush is dirt cheap, good for your skin, and good for the environment. This box includes our DE9 razor in white chrome finish, this razor offers a twist-to-open (TTO) action making blade changes a snap, it is longer and sturdier than most other razors and has a similar feel to the long, plastic mainstream razors most men use. The longer handle makes it a great 'migration safety razor' from the expensive mainstream stuff to this economical option. Also included in the box is our branded synthetic shaving brush, a shaving bowl, a fragrance-matched body soap, shaving soap and after shave. Our test pack of blades is the final addition to this mystical offer, there are 40 blades (8 blade types) in the pack, making sure the lucky recipient finds the one best suited to their skin and beard type. The shaving soap and blades will be enough for six months to a full year's worth of shaves!

You can read more on the fragrance profiles and notes by clicking on their names right here; 14, Beach bum, Last one standing, Shark dive, and Hitting the town. 

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*This offer excludes the razor stand used in the one photograph, but it is available elsewhere on our website.