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The Envoy is the Rex Ambassador in a non-adjustable version. It is a 3 piece razor with a base plate and cap that unscrews like most other razors to insert/change the blade. What this razor has going for it is the fact that it is around half the price of the Ambassador, but you still get a high grade stainless steel razor with exceptional grip. The razor will shave at a the number 3 setting of the Ambassador, so a great razor for a guy who wants quality kit that works effectively and will outlast him and a next generation or two. The Envoy weighs in on 106 grams and stands 87 mm tall, it sits very well in hand and has some real teeth when it comes to the knurling on the handle, it is exceptionally well designed in this department!

The case and stand offered with the Ambassador will also work for the Envoy, but we don't list list them here as it will stuff around our inventory having the items listed twice, head on over here for a stand or classy case for your new Envoy! 

Think it is expensive? If you buy it at R 2000 consider this; At our average inflation rate this razor will cost R 142 000 in 50 years time (but you won't need a replacement yet) and disturbingly, a plastic cartridge razor will cost around R 18 000 (and you would have gone through a few already in 50 years time)! 

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