'On the berg' shaving soap.

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This soap hits you with some serious creamy stuff and a very strong, sweet smell. If you like your lather to keep its fragrance throughout the shave and want something that will leave a trail of fragrance as you leave your house this is one to try! Its blend of Cederwood, patchouli, lavender and rose geranium takes me to the slopes of Tafelberg on a misty, dewy morning, so from there its name. It is a combination of a tallow and vegetable soap making it quite unique, this marriage works magically. It's a softer soap making for quicker loading on the brush, and it can easily be worked into any other container of your choice without the need for heating it or grating it down. This is a must-have in every hardcore shaver's inventory. This soap is also labeled on the side for easy identification when taking a pick from your stack. Available in our tub with a total weight of around 220 grams, and also in a 160 gram refill. Weights may vary slightly on account of various factors like such as curing, its age and the pour itself. Ingredients on the photographs.

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