Cowhide strop (South African leather)

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a Mid-range cowhide strop made from good quality local veg tan leather, perfect for that essential stropping before, and if you prefer after your shave. It has no canvas side, but works great, we are of intention to do one with canvas, but are still battling to find suitable fabric in small enough quantities. This strop has a beefed up the handle, and a string so that you can secure it to your fist when giving little Johnny his reward for removing the sump-plug from your Series 2 Land Rover. The D-ring-end has an additional leather loop to tie around objects when a hook is not available, very handy when travelling. This strop has a medium-light draw, and is the one I would suggest to all beginners, cheap enough not to worry too much about nicks, but good enough to last you a lifetime if taken care off. 

I can also dress your strop if you want a super smooth finish on it, I will make sure that are no indents as the occur in natural leather and give it a proper 'balming' followed by a quick buff. Please note the may affect delivery for a day or two as I will do them as they are ordered. Select this option on the bottom of the drop-down menu if you are a person whose stropping resembles the moves of a conductor in front of his philharmonic orchestra

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