Custom straight Razor CS15


R 3,290.00

Not to flashy, but with loads of character, this razor smacks of Africa, regardless of its spanish point. This razors scales are made of Tamboti, a beautiful, dense and durable timber which is reddish-brown with darker streaks, it has a satin-like luster and a extremely fragrant sweet, spicy smell that has made this species an icon of African hardwoods. The pinning in stainless rounds off the one piece scales beautifully. The blade is made of 52100 steel, it has been triple tempered and double hardened. The hardness of the blade is between 61-63 RC. The grind on the blade is a half hollow grind, and it has been etched and hand polished to give a satin finish.
The blade has been "wet tested" and is shave ready, and only needs stropping before being used.

The blade is 70 mm long and has a width of 22 mm, just under 7/8th's of an inch in razor lingo.  

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