Custom straight Razor CS19

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Here is something new from the Eckard production line (hint to the maker) in that it is smaller than his usual builds. Nimble and fierce this one, just like a Jack Russel finding a snake crossing its path. The main attribute of this razor is definitely its shorter blade, some guys find shorter blades more practical to shave with, and they are also easier to strop than larger razors. Although nimble and small the razor's design still allows for very comfortable grip even for larger hands, it has a comfortable grip with index finger in front of the pivot point and two resting on the ample space the tang provides at the tail end of the razor.  

The size is of this razor 6/8" with a length of 60mm. It has Padauk wood scales with a red

Micarta inlay and Padauk wedge. The blade is made from 52100 steel with a 61 hardness and weighs a wee 38 grams.

The blade has been "wet tested" and is shave ready, strop on leather before every shave.

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