Custom straight Razor CS20

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The power of Hardekool and steel! This creation is subtle, traditional and solid, the statement it makes is; "You bring the stubble, I will do the work" No fancy footwork around dressing up pretty and getting the job done. This Razor is made in a size and shape that is popular with most users, so it is a great razor to buy for your first custom if you are not to sure what to get. There are quite a few Eckard fans out there, so it may very well get snatched up before a newbie gets a chance to take posession, so 'maak 'n plan' if it tickles your fancy!

This steel has been triple hardened with a single temper to give it a hardness of 61.5 RC. The grind on the blade is half hollow, and has been hand finished to a beautiful satin appearance. 

Length of blade: 70 mm
Blade width: 22.5 mm (7/8")
Material: High Carbon Steel
Handle material: G10 Micarta - Red and Green.

The blade has been "wet tested" and is shave ready, strop on leather before every shave.