Derby double edged safety razor blades.

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Derby has always focused on delivering the highest value for shaving to its consumers over the last 40 years, with smooth, comfortable and economical shaving. Today, it shines out as one of the leading razor companies in the world with its international standard in blade technology and quality control systems, wide range of products developed for consumers and professionals, wide sales network, high brand value and
exportation to over 65 countries around the world, in all 6 continents.

Each blade is wrapped in wax paper, the plastic case provides a small slot on the back for the disposal of used blades. 

Price per pack of 5 blades.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Not the best tool in the shed

They are great for one or two shaves but dull quickly. Blades were a bit disappointing. I'm new to the safety razor community so don't have a whole lot of info to go on but shaved the dome once or twice and blades dulled quickly.

Carl Warnett
Smooth but not the sharpest

I am still making my way through various razor blades in the search for one that fits my criteria.

The Derby is very smooth, but I agree with the other reviewer, not the sharpest feeling. Definitely feel more tug that others, but still a great blade.

Very comfortable shave but not the sharpest blades

Bit of a mixed bag with these Derby blades. They're sharp enough that they don't snag, but I really have to do multiple passes to get decent results. All other blades I've tried can get similar results in fewer passes.

I had to switch to the most aggressive plate (#6) on my Rockwell 6C (I usually use plate #4) to get a good shave. That's where the Derby stands out with its super comfortable shave. Even going against the grain on a very aggressive razor felt great. The result was a pretty close shave without fearing any sort of cuts, nicks or other irritations.

Great blades for those with sensitive skin or who don't enjoy more aggressive blades. Despite not being the sharpest blades I was still able to get a close shave - just needs a bit more effort but can be well worth it for the comfort.