Dovo shavette.

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Love the bad-ass attitude around straight razor shaving, but don't want to fork out the dough and find out it is not your thing? The Dovo shavette is what you are after, considered the 'training wheels of the straight razor', this baby will give you the look and feel of straight razor shaving without you having to cancel your gym membership to afford it. Its also the perfect way to get your technique down before you take that magnificent shave with your very own straight. Unlike the Feather shavettes, these can also take the widely available standard double edged blades, we also stock the longer blades under the Blades section of our website. This razor is well worth the purchase, whether you use it to get to know what it feels like to shave with a straight, to take some mean looking selfies, to get your technique down for your first shave with a 'real' straight razor, and also to use it as a every day or weekend shaver, give this one a go!