Dovo 'Encina' straight razor 1196860 Spanish oak

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»DOVO« Solingen – a name and a place which stand for quality, design and experience. Like most straight razors,this Dovo in Spanish oak scales is a shaving tool that is acquired with the purpose of serving duty over a person's lifetime, if well cared for it can be handed down to following generations. Diligent skilled workers craft the steel masterpieces with meticulous precision and with great craftsmanship. Learning the skill to hone your own razor is not too difficult, and offers great satisfaction to persons who tend to enjoy tasks that takes time and patience with spectacular results. This razor in Spanish oak scales has stainless pinning finishing off its appearance with a carbon steel round tip blade in matching finish. It has a popular 6/8 full hollow ground blade, with chevron etching on the spine.