Dovo straight razor 305870 'The Barbarosa'

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When you've had a couple of straight razor shaves under your belt one learns that the entire length of the blade is not used all the time. One wonders what the optimum blade length for personal use is, especially when keeping in mind that straight razors developed and progressed over time, but mainly to be used on a person, rather than using it one's self. This thinking carries on when keeping in mind the narrower, yet effective shaving footprint of a safety razor. Well, wonder no more as Dovo has produced the Barbarosa to satisfy your curiosity. Produced as a specialist grooming tools for barbers, my belief is that it can fill a gap in the market for users who would prefer a shorter blade. The razor is fairly light at about forty grams, with a reduced 46mm long cutting edge and a shortened blade and scales. This model is finished in wild olive scales and some cool looking etching on the blade. It remains very comfortable to use, even in our bigger paws