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Local is lekka with these earthenware bowls that are as much part of our way of doing things in South Africa as Braaivleis, Rugby, Sonneskyn and Chevrolet! The well known yellow and green bowls have been available to us over many, many years, but they have now evolved with offerings in more funky colours that also offers a deeper dish with straight sides, perfect for building up a large volume of lather.

These bowl have a light green/grey outer and inner enamel coating with the rim in a different colour, they are sold in mixed batches, and some are scarcer than others, so all colours will not be available all of the time.

The bowl measures 135 mm across the rim, around 85 on the base and is 65 mm high, it weighs 170 grams.

This bowl sits well in hand and will work pretty good for all folks, no matter the size of your hands.