EDC (Every day carry) Oxhorn hair and beard comb

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You don't wear long socks or have a zillion compartments in your car you can store stuff, and don't like the feel of a large, bulky comb in your pocket. You need small and compact, but also something that is stylish, cool, durable and made of materials as strong as your 4x4....

Hello EDC Oxhorn comb! Both sizes are small enough to fit on your keyring, but they are surprisingly effective at taming a head of hair or beard. The appearance of these vary from flashy patterns to boringly uniform, colours from dark right through to speckled white. Their size makes it easy to keep just about anywhere, and they are very unobtrusive on your person. 

The small comb weighs 5 grams, is 84 mm in length and has a 44 mm toothed section, the medium comb weighs 9 grams, is 101 mm long and has a 53 mm toothed section.

Available now at prices cheaper than cooking oil liberated from a interlink lorry on the N1!