Embarrassed Stinkhout (CB114)

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Blushing ever so slightly on account of its 'embarrassing' name, this 'Wit Stinkhout' (Celtis Africana) handle houses a pretty and powerful 26 mm finest two band knot. This piece of wood was harvested from our property and I just love the way it turns and tints, I'll be doing loads more of these in the future. This piece was a tester and left to dry naturally for 2 years, I'll certainly be keeping the wood we cut down in future for making shaving brushes and razor handles. The tree is indigenous to SA, quite widespread and gets it name from the odor produced when cutting it wet, something I cannot quite recall. The brush weighs 52 grams, and stands 100 mm high with the loft set at 59 mm. This is a great 'claw-brush' our term for the type of grip where your 4 strongest fingers are sitting on the top rim of the handle pushing the base down onto your hand.