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Blade banks are not really something that you can get on the continent or buy is small quantities, so I am always on the lookout for something cool that can be used for this purpose, any old container will do just fine, but a used can of pilchards does not quite blend in with most bathroom decor. If you are going to reuse the item over and over it is worth it getting something cool that brings a smile to your face (or in this case a series of emotions)

These tins don't have slots, but the lid removes easily and popping them in will be no trouble at all. I am pretty sure one could make a slot easily enough by using a sharp knife, much similar to opening a can while camping in the days camping gear was a luxury. If one could follow the contours of the mouth it will be hardly noticeable until he gobbles a blade! Send us a pic if you try something along these lines?

Kids would obviously love to get their prying little fingers all over these bright colours, so be wary where you put it. If I had toddlers I would make a thin slot on top and seal the lid by using silicone or glue, accidents happen quickly so make sure you do all you can to prevent them!

These okes are 75 mm in diameter, and stand just over 50 mm high. They will chow down on all your blades for 5 plus years, so adopt a can Stan!