Ever ready 1914 single edge (V274)

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Also dubbed the 1914 Little lather Catcher, these razors have the words 'Lift Here' stamped on the top cover on either side where you need to put your finger and thumb to lift up the top cover. The cap is not spring loaded, but is designed in such a way in that the cap tensions up when closed with quite a bit of tension on the blade in the closed position. It is probably one of the hardest razors to open and close, so be careful when changing out blades, use two hands and firm grip and you won't have any problems.

GEM, Ever ready, Star and Radio razors all have an 'intertwined history', and getting to grips with how the whole puzzle fits together takes some time, here is a thread that will give some basic info on the makers and their models.

There is an additional feature of these type of razors that works for me and that is their ability to angle the blade while shaving. If you are a straight razor user you might go in at a shallower angle on the first pass, and tilt the razor more towards 30 degrees on the second pass for a closer shave, similarly I do my fist pass with the razor's shovelhead almost flat against my skin, and if I want the shave to be closer I'll angle it away a bit on a second pass, I love this as I am mostly a single pass guy with a quick sweep around the face to round up the 'last stubble standing'

This is how it shaves, and here are some general opinions from other users. 

The razor weighs in at 50 grams and measures around 82 mm tall, this razor is supplied with a whopping 25 blades, a case and two cool blade holders, blades will be kept in stock on our website from here on out.