Ever ready lather catcher (V310)

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Lather catcher razors are things of beauty, they are a style of razors that resembles a flattened spoon that has been bent over and fitted a blade. It's a single-edged safety razor where the blade is held over a cupped recess originally designed to literally catch the lather as you shaved. Here's a passage from an 1880 patent; The sharp edge of the razor rests against the grated or toothed edge of the front plate, and as the hair and soap are removed in operation of shaving such refuse matter will be forced through the opening G in the bottom plate, and be retained within the hollow holder, thereby permitting of the use of the device without danger of soiling the fingers of the user.​

As time progressed, the "catcher" portion of the razor became more and more of a stylized element. They were made from the 1880's onwards for about 40 years.

This Ever Ready is the 1906 model and shaves great, it weighs only 25 grams and stands around 77 mm tall, blades can be found by clicking here. 

Look after this one, they are becoming quite hard to find and are pretty expensive when they do surface!