Feather 2-way body trimmer

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You got your face and head shaving routines down to a fine art, but the rest of your body looks like that of a neanderthal. Hellooooo Feather 2 way! This a cool plastic stick has 2 razor sharp blades in two different configurations to get stripping away at that unwanted body hair and have your better half look at you again with the same ecstacy in her eyes that she has when looking at her new set of nails! The best part is that it cost a fraction of the price of the bulky electrical vibrating device sold for manscape-ing. 

Feather is well known around the globe for blade quality, this tool is a must have for any dude! We don't dig disposable stuff, but until such time a tool of this nature comes along in a more sustainable format we cannot have our customers walk around like hairy apes!

This tool is handy for unruly eyebrows, to maintain a long stubble beard or moustache, for your arms, underarms, legs, back, front and all areas around the 'power tools'. 

Come on dude...The 70's was a great period that all of us are welcome to revisit from time to time, but don't live there! Found a video, with some info, watch it and you will want it, I love the music and 'final act' to it!

Only a few available to see if our customers enjoy them, grab one before they are gone!