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This razor is the cheapest adjsutable option we have on offer at this moment. It has a two settings namely mild and aggressive. Simply choose between the two settings, mild (1) and aggressive (2) by flicking a lever to either position while the razor is in the open position. Although the razors has plastic components it is certainly not a disposable razor and is to be used with the normal double edged blades you'd find on our store and in supermarkets. The handle offers a good, comfortable grip, and it is easy to manoeuvre. Apart from being an inexpensive introduction to adjustables, it also has a very light weight on account of the plastic components, something not commonly found in adjustable razors. It weighs a mere 40 grams and stands 107 mm tall. Light, inexpensive and easy to use, we are sure this razor will find its way into many homes and travel cases. It comes in a pretty box with two blades to get you right into smooth, comfortable shaves. There are some instructions on the back of the box and also a leaflet inside, so feel free to buy this for someone as a gift.