Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor

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All Feather products are made in Japan by this famous manufacturer. The Feather Stainless Steel Safety Razor is considered by many to be the finest double edge razor available today. It is a three-piece safety razor made with exquisite fit and finish.
With precision tolerances and advanced blade centering design, you can be sure your blade is straight. The mild geometry matches perfectly with their extra-sharp Feather blades. It is quite a heavy razor, as it is all stainless steel, this will have it glide easily and allow gravity to make the razor earn its keep, only a light touch with very little pressure is required to steer this baby. It is packaged in a burgundy gift box with one pack of Feather double edge razor blades. It weighs in at 92 grams, and is 95 mm long.

Customer Reviews

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Exceeded expectations

I compared a few safety razors online, but it was Jaco's friendly assistance via email that sealed the deal on this one.

Having used the Feather for more than a week now, I can say without reservation that it's the best shave I've ever had. The razor itself is heavy and top quality, and the shave is smooth and close. I hope to get good use out of it for the rest of my life.

Fantastic Razor

This was no impulse purchase, I did my research and this razor consistently pops up in the shave forums as one of the best.

The build quality and finish on this razor is just brilliant. Apart from the logo on the head which I think is unnecessary, I cannot fault this razor. This razor coupled with feather blades gives a wonderful smooth, close shave with no skin irritation at all.

You owe it to yourself to have a 5 minute ceremony every morning with a quality razor.