Feather single edge razor blades (High stainless)

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Single edged blades are not used in many razors, but we do get a request for them every now and again from guys who have cool vintage razors such as Gem razor and Ever-ready, so we figured we'll keep some in stock. They are also used in modern razors like the One Blade Core, Hybrid and Genesis razors. Single edged blades are generally thicker than double edged blades and will retain their edge for longer. Shave comfort is good, and certainly worth a look into if you like vintage gear or stuff not used by many folks. Feather blades are considered by most to be the premium blade for safety razors, these blades will do a sterling job in getting rid of your stubble. This is Feather's offering for both shaving applications and industrial applications, so they must be damn tough and damn sharp!