Feather Tokusen nail clippers

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a Great pair of nail clippers from the makers of fine products FEATHER in Japan. these babies boast three prominent features namely a clean cut, long lasting sharpness and a whopping 50% less resistance needed to clip your Keratin claws into fine shape. We used some and can certainly vouch for the clean cut and the less resistance parts of the claim. As most of you know FEATHER is no new kid on the block when it comes to fine instruments, so expect nothing less from these. It's auto-offset mechanism is patented in Japan, and the attached pic shows this simple, but clever design. They come in a 93 mm and 74 mm option. The nail clippers have a casing that partly slips over the open sides of the razor to stop the clippings from jumping all over the place, one managed to pop out when I used it, but the system works surprisingly well.