Felt strips for compounds and sprays

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When getting to the finer art of honing straight razors one moves to higher grit stones, compounds and sprays, the latter comes in various grits and formats and it is advised not to mix the various products on the same leather strop, balsa wood or canvas strop. I was introduced to felt strips by the owner of the diamond sprays we sell. What is great about it is that they are cheap and you can keep one for every compound or spray you own mark them and keep them dedicated to one specific product. I was introduced to a fairly hard, 6 mm cotton which polished very well with the diamond sprays, but unfortunately suitable is felt something that is quite hard to find in South Africa, so I found two products that I consider suitable for this purpose, a 3mm thick PET section and a 1 mm thick cotton felt stuck onto 3 mm of foam. I have not had a chance to use either, but am pretty sure they will do the job, I'd appreciate any and all feedback from your side should you use them in your honing routine.

Try keeping your felts in individual plastic bags or envelopes, its quite frustrating when you find debris on a felt has just put a nice deep 'scar' on your blade right at the final step. I place mine face down in separate plastic bags, and have marked the one side in use with a month and year. They should be easy to clean if you decide to use a different compound om them.

I simply place mine on a flat table top, right next to my honing stones and use it as per instructions with the diamond spray.