FK Garantie Soligen razor (VR19)

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Friedrich Koch was the owner of Friedrichswerk situated in Germany. The company was founded in 1859 and located at Höhscheid in the Solingen area. The Brand name: 'F K' was separated by two hooks making them easy to identify, not to be confused by Kock and Co. I have found only one similar razor online and they appear to be quite scarce. I am not a fan of smaller razors, but this is one of those that makes me wonder why... it is a lovely razor that can get in anywhere, has a nice and even bevel and shaves dreamy! This razor is in good general condition and will surprise it's new owner, of that I am sure. Its is also quite small, thin and light, makin it the perfect travelling companion.

Let us know how it shaves and also if you come across some useful information on this company and the wares they produced.

This razor weighs 33 grams, the blade is 9/16ths, or around 14 to 15 mm high, and has a cutting edge of around 68 mm. It is original with no mods and few markings. The razor is contamination free and ready to shave.

*Vintage razors are priced according to model and availability, time spent cleaning and reconditioning and time/level of honing. Please enquire if you need additional work done to this razor prior to purchase. All straight razors will require a stropping on a leather strop before every use. Pics are unedited (detail) and provide a true image of the condition of the razor.