Foldable hair comb

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There was a time when every young boy dreamed about having a 'flick knife'. Although we lived in a very peaceful era, Hollywood mesmerized us with cool characters and bad-ass scenes which made us realize we had to have one, all you have to do to see why we all wanted one is to simply to look here, here, here, here, here, and here. How times have changed, we NOW live in dangerous times, but flick knifes have been replaced by flick combs, and we have decided to make it easier on our customers to get one, no more visiting dodgy pawn shops in your town and sending snail mail to the US of A to see if some dealer can help you out with obtaining the 'merch' No sir...right here, a couple of clicks and it is on its way to you. Weight 42 grams, dimensions 41x100x13 mm closed, made of natural wood, not some flimsy compressed fibre product. The teeth are nicely smoothed and rounded, no more looking like a cat clawed you as with some products out there. Hides easier than  flick knife so you can surprise your date by entering the restroom looking like me after doing the comrades and exit it looking smoother than James Dean.