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 Adjustables are the one type razor that will cater for all your needs from being a teen with silky soft whishers to 'hardebaard' and right back to old toppie with a few hairs here and there. Taking your hair removal routine from mild to aggressive and back to mild again over a few decades would realistically require more than one razor, but adjustables fixes this by giving you a razor where you can adjust blade exposure, allowing one to achieve the correct cutting action. It also comes in handy when you shave different hair types like head and facial hair, or when you shave frequently/infrequently. We figured the Frank Shaving adjustable razor to be a good option to have available in our store as it slots into the lower end of the cost spectrum, and at the rate our economy is going a lot of us are cutting down everywhere to save some money. So, if you are keen on getting an adjustable you might want to make a move on any of these black beauties. They all come with a stand that matches the razor in some way, either the handle or the doors. The razor weighs a hefty 108 grams, and is quite tall at 113 mm, perfect for mowing down loads of hair. Both action and finish is pretty good, with the doors not opening up quite as wide as we are used to, but getting a blade into the chamber is still easy enough unless you are rugby-world-cup-win hung-over. The razor has no channels in the base plate to direct soap and hair from the shave, and this might present a problem for infrequent shavers where loads of hair must be moved in short strokes. Blade alignment looks pretty good, with no noticeable problem areas on the one we inspected and used. Unlike many adjustables this razor does not require you to open the doors to adjust the shave setting, in fact doing this will result in slight movement between the fixed base and the bottom end of the mechanics, and it appears to be loose, but going back to adjustment under tension showed that this is not the case and even closing the doors with the parts 'out of alignment' will see this action aligning all the bits and bobs nicely. The doors are pretty thin, and I would assume shaving under your nose would be a breeze. The moving parts appears to be made from a light alloy like Zamac, while the heft indicates all other parts to be solid brass. Let's get these out there and get some feedback flowing!         

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