Gem Contour (C1) single edge razor (V270)

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The GEM Contour 'C1' was produced from 1958 to 1980 and is made from stainless steel and plastic. This was the second last razor made by GEM before they ceased operations. It is quite an elegant razor with exceptional grip between the thumb and pointer finger, like most GEMS it is a fine shaver and uses a single edge blade, these are renowned to handle thicker beard better and last longer than most double edged blades. The razor has a push button the opens and closes the door to load or remove the blade. The blade mounts snugly into two notches on the sides of the safety bar and sits tight and secure, with no chance of movement during the shaves. The sharp, 90 degree angles are nicely tucked into the notches, virtually elimination any chance of nicking yourself on either side. It is a great razor for beginners to single edge vintage blades as it has a mild to medium shaving action. 

 The C1 comes in at 46 grams, the total length is around 104 mm with very comfy grip and design on this tall girl. The razor has a spot of damage on the plastic right at the bottom of the handle, but the condition of the rest of the razor makes up for that, or so we think!

a Classic post-retro style razor offering great shaves, now, if I had to allocate a 70's personality to this razor it would had to be Maude...tall, sharp, straight talking and neatly dressed with a LOT of grey. I loved those ladies!

The razor is loaded with a fresh blade ready to cut and clean.