Gem Push button single edge razor display set (V276)

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The GEM Push button was produced in the 1950's and has a black, ribbed handle and gold plating on the metal bits. It was a model from the Gem stable that was mass produced in the razor-race that played out in the previous century with the Gillette razor company. Although plastic and light, it still feels like quality gear and certainly looks the part also. The handle is well designed for a razor that has to be tilted quite a bit when in use. The razor has a strong spring loaded cap the flips open and closed by pressing the button under the head to and fro. The blade mounts snugly into two notches on the sides of the safety bar and sits tight and secure, with no chance of movement during the shaves. The sharp, 90 degree angles are nicely tucked into the notches, virtually elimination any chance of nicking yourself on either side. It is a great razor for beginners to single edge vintage blades as it has a very mild shaving action. 

The PB comes in at 46 grams which is certainly on the lighter end of the spectrum, so apply a little bit of pressure when using it. The total length is around 95 mm, although it feels shorter with the oddly shaped bottom end. The grip seems to be designed for guys who likes a tight grip on a razor, as it feels a bit clumsy when held like most other razors, I use mainly my thumb and pointer when taking this chap for a spin. The set comes in a display case, and a blade dispenser, unfortunately there is a tear in the thin plastic cover, but I guess 70 years have to leave a few marks on one's exterior.   

a Classic retro style razors offering mild shaves, ideal for beginners and blokes with sensitive skin or skin problems such as razor bumps. If I had to 'assign a personality' to this vintage classic it would have to Sydney Potier in 'No way out' just look at the smooth complexion of 'Doctor Brooks'!

A nice set for the collector, but please use it often, it loves to serve!