Gillette ABC Pocket edition 1911 (V324)

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The Gillette ABC (American Button Company) 501 British edition are certainly not as easy to find as the 20's-30 edition and finding one in the wild was epic, there were some other hunters on the trail, so I had to move it, but the reward was great. This is a must for any Gillette collector, and chasing the various types of presentations can become decades worth of effort. The cap and teeth were also quite thin, so finding a razor with all of them intact or unbent is also considered a win. It is important to remember a bent tooth is better than a missing one, so don't try to bend them back, they will more than likely break, luckily this razors madam looked after her teeth and her smile is full and inviting.

I missed some rubbing compound around the holes in the baseplate, and only realized it when creating this listing, be assured that wiped away completely and there is hardly any plate loss apart from the brass colour you can see where the handle seats on the baseplate, this razor is in a nice and clean state, that is for sure!

The razor weighs 54 grams and stand 82 mm high and is the silver plated version, the plating is still in very good condition, and the set has the original case and blade holder.

The only question is which spot will this take up in your collection?