Gillette Black tip W4 1951 (V268)

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The Gillette Black tipped razor made its appearance for a fairly short space in history, and were made in 1951 to 1952. Interestingly the razor had a steel and aluminium handle option on account of a brass shortage at the time, general consensus seems to be that they shaved similar to the non-dated 40's Superspeeds, and they certainly have some similarities in the knurling type/pattern. The knob is made of a hard black plastic, what I find very interesting is the fact that Gillette went back to all metal razors for about 15 years before introducing the 'Twist' series in 1966. Was this on account of feedback from consumers? I find it hard to believe otherwise as this particular style of head/razor was extremely popular in all previous formats and styles, and the cheaper cost of plastic must have been discussed in various boardrooms during this time. 

The X2 model had a steel handle with a nickel plated head, and weighs 46 grams, and stands 84 mm high.

This razor is in great condition and it is clear to see the value of the case over the last 70 odd years of its life. The set comes with a razor blade dispenser that is representative of what was offered back in the day, the case has a few scuff marks, and the one end has some damage at the back, but is in fairly good shape with hinges that are still working like they should. A gem of a razor for the collector of vintage razors or someone looking for a Black tip in great condition.