Gillette British made Aristocrat 1955 No 58 (V285)

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British made 'Aristocrats' are of the most sought after razors in the Gillette stable, they are collectable as they are quite hard to find, and they appeal to many on account of its appearance and quality of shaves. The British made models are more sought after as their build quality was better in terms of materials and finish than those of their their American counterparts,  They were introduced in 1948, this specific razor is the '58' model (not the lighter aluminium version) and is in great condition. It has no signs of plate loss, corrosion or deep scratches, one can see how the British made razors built their reputation! The case is in fair condition with a few patches on the top of the case. This package comes with suitable blade holder to complete the set, the latter is not in the best of condition, but it is the last one we have as these are pretty hard to come by. 

A very nice set for any discerning collector or user.  

This classic weighs 68 grams and stands 82 mm high.