Gillette Fatboy G4 1961 (V272)

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The Gillette Fatboy is one of the most iconic safety razors available today. Originally called the Gillette 195 (the price point was set at $1.95), it got the name 'Fatboy' shortly after Gillette released its 'Adjustable slim' model, as the 195 had a handle of greater diameter than the slim model, it got nicknamed the opposite of 'slim' namely 'fat', and hence 'Fatboy'

This razor comes in its original case, added in is a pack of blades that completes the parcel to represent the set as it was offered to consumers 60 odd years ago. Some blades appear to be unused, and there are a few used ones fed into the back of the dispenser. Keep them as is to preserve your set as complete and show it off to your buds. The blade dispenser is in good nick and the case has a few light scratches on it, but all in all a nice set is a very well preserved state. 

The razor has 9 settings that clicks into position as you twist the sail below the head. The razor has a butterfly mechanism that opened when the knob at the bottom end of the razor is turned. It stands 88 mm high and weighs 80 grams.

These razors were only made in American factories and then exported around the world they are quite easy to find online and in antique stores in the US, but they are certainly quite hard to find locally. If you have to own one piece of usable Americana in your collection, this would probably tick the most boxes.