Gillette Flare tip Black handle M2 1967 (V257)

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The Gillette Flare tip black handle was manufactured from 1966 up to 1988 making them one of Gillette's most used safety razors. Come to think of it, 1988 was the year my mom bought me my first razor, just before heading off to the army in the beginning of 89. Why the heck she bought the new 'Trac 2' will remain a mystery, if only I knew about safety razors and asked her for one at the time I could have been a rich man! The razors look and feel much the same as all other Superspeeds, but it has black aluminium handle making it slightly ligter, and some say it is a tad milder than the all steel model. It stands 83 mm high and weighs 48 grams.

The razor has a TTO (twist to open) function, enabled by twisting the 'Flare tip' anti-clockwise to open the doors, and clockwise to close the doors once the blade is loaded.

The razor is in good condition with a fair bit of use on it and some plate loss on the one door, everything works perfectly though!