Gillette Flare tip D4 1958 (V31)

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The Gillette Flare tip is a nifty litte razor that was manufactured from the 1950's up to 1960. It is a perfect razor if you want to get your hands on a bit of history without breaking the bank, as it is a razor that will work for first timers and experienced shavers alike. It will also suit guys with sensitive skin as this is a mild razor, while its fairly small build gives it ease of handling when used against the grain for a closer shave.  It stands 83 mm high and weighs 56 grams.

The razor has a TTO (twist to open) function, enabled by twisting the 'Flare tip' anti-clockwise to open the doors, and clockwise to close the doors once the blade is loaded.

The razor is in good condition with no damage apart from expected wear and tear. Please note this razor has the metal tab missing on the one side, however this does not impede in any way with the function or performance of the razor.