Gillette Lady Starburst Blue L2 1966 (V302)

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The Starburst model was a twist-to-open double-edge safety razor introduced by Gilette in 1963. It was specifically designed and marketed for women, and it had a longer handle than other Gillette razors at the time. It came in four colours which were light gold, champagne pink, baby blue and dark blue. These razors also had inlaid stars on the handles, just under the razor head. Although made specifically for women, men with bigger hands or who simply liked a longer handle also used them frequently. The razor is 112 mm long and weighs 56 grams.

a Thought that popped into my head was why did Gillette not diversify into the female segment of the market in earlier times, if they generated substantial income from this segment it might very well have prevented them from gravitating to the controversial cartridge system, notoriously over priced and bad for the environment, and might also not have launched ridiculous campaigns such as this one! 

The razor has spots of plate loss, but is corrosion free and ready to serve for a few decades more.