Gillette Pocket edition 1920-30's (V293)

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 The Gillette 1920's pocket edition is one of the early Gillette models, but surprisingly easy to find, it is also one of the most used, talked about and shaved vintage razors you will find. They were manufactured from the mid 1910's and serial codes were stopped on these in the 20's to 30's era as this was a budget razor for the masses, and made as cheap and simple as possible. The razors have a hollow brass tube as a handle with the ends press fitted to it, this resulted in cracks in the top and/or bottom sections of the tube, some even cracking all the way through. Finding one without cracks is similar to a politician keeping a promise, it just doesn't happen! The cap and teeth were also quite thin, so finding a razor with all of them intact or unbent is also considered a win. These two flaws were well known, and most collectors and users are quite happy to use and display their vintage razors in those conditions. It is important to remember a bent tooth is better than a missing one, so don't try to bend them back, they will more than likely break.

Historically this razor put Gillette at the forefront of the razor business as this razor was pushed to the armed forces and civilians during and after the first world war. The thinner caps was produced from 1910 to the 1920's while the thicker caps were produced from the 1920's to 1930's. 

The razor will deliver a fairly aggressive shave, I'd say pretty much where most men prefer their razors to be, so it is no wonder that it sold in droves. 

The razor weighs 50 grams and stand 82 mm high. This razor has great teeth and a narrow crack on the bottom end of the barrel.